NickServ documentation for Buddy.IM


To create an account on Buddy.IM you can simply use the register command like so: /REGISTER <PASSWORD> <EMAIL-ADDRESS>.
Once your account has been created you will need to verify your registration via email.


Standard Login

To login to your account use the LOGIN command like so: /LOGIN <NICKNAME> <PASSWORD>.


SASL is the best way to login to your account because it happens during the connection process. (before you join channels, etc.).
To use SASL you will need a desktop or mobile client, unfortunately I don’t know of any web client that will work for this.

Getting a vHost

When you register your nickname you will get a vhost like you.users/unaffiliated. There are 2 ways to get a vHost on Buddy.IM.

If you register a group with GroupServ and let us know, we may assign your group a vhost such as you.your-project/member.