Groupserv documentation for Buddy.IM


Groupserv provides group services for IRC.
Operators can assign Groups vhosts, which group members can assign to themselves. Groups can also receive memos, and be assigned channel access.
Groups are prefixed with !.

Register groups

To register a group simply use the Groupserv REGISTER command like so: /GS REGISTER <!Group>

Group settings

To change group settings use the Groupserv SET command like so: /GS SET <!group> <setting> <value>.


CHANNEL: Sets the official group channel.
DESCRIPTION: Sets the group description.
EMAIL: Sets the group e-mail address.
JOINFLAGS: Sets the flags users will be given when they JOIN the group.
OPEN: Sets the group as open for anyone to join.
PUBLIC: Sets the group as public.
URL: Sets the group URL.

Group Flags

Assign group access

You can assign group access with the Groupserv FLAGS command like so: /GS FLAGS <!group> <nickname> <flags>


+f - Enables modification of group access list.
+F - Grants full founder access.
+A - Enables viewing of group access list.
+m - Read memos sent to the group.
+c - Have channel access in channels where the group has sufficient
+v - Take vhosts offered to the group through HostServ.
+s - Ability to use GroupServ SET commands on the group.
+b - Ban a user from the group. The user will not be able to join

Assign channel access

Channel access can be assigned to groups by prefixing the group name with ! like so: /CS FLAGS <#channe> <!group> <flags>. For more information about chanserv flags see Chanserv flags.

Requesting vHosts for your group

To request vHosts for your group please join #help and talk to an IRC operator.