Chanserv documentation for Buddy.IM


On Buddy.IM we provide Chanserv to register and maintain access to your channel.

Register a channel

To register a channel simply join an empty channel where you will be given channel operator permissions.
Once you are op in a channel, type /CLAIM <#channel>. The channel should now be registered to you.

Drop a channel

To unregister, or drop, your channel on Buddy.IM type /CS DROP <#channel> and follow the instructions.

Channel Settings


To change a channel setting use the command /CS SET <#channel> <setting> <value>


  • BLOCKBADWORDS: Set whether users can say badwords in channel or not.
  • BLOCKBADWORDSOPS: Set whether ops can say badwords in channel or not.
  • EMAIL: Sets the channel e-mail address.
  • ENTRYMSG: Sets the channel’s entry message.
  • FANTASY: Allows or disallows in-channel commands.
  • GUARD: Sets whether or not services will inhabit the channel.
  • KEEPTOPIC: Enables topic retention.
  • MLOCK: Sets channel mode lock.
  • NOSYNC: Disables automatic channel ACL syncing.
  • PREFIX: Sets the channel PREFIX.
  • PROPERTY: Manipulates channel metadata.
  • RESTRICTED: Restricts access to the channel to users on the access list. (Other users are kickbanned.).
  • SECURE: Prevents unauthorized users from gaining operator status.
  • TOPICLOCK: Restricts who can change the channel topic.
  • URL: Sets the channel URL.
  • VERBOSE: Notifies channel about access list modifications.