SASL documentation for Buddy.IM


SASL is a method that allows identification to services during the connection process, before anything else happens.

Configuring SASL (Username+Password) for your client

### AdiIRC 1. Set the Login Method to SASL (username + password). 2. Set the Username to your nickserv nick. 3. Set the Password to your nickserv password.


  1. Open the Network List (Ctrl + S)
  2. The Buddy.IM network may already exist; find it in the list then click on Edit. If not you will have to add it.
  3. In the User name field, enter your primary nick
  4. Select SASL (username + password) for the Login method field
  5. In the Password field, enter your NickServ password


mIRC added built-in SASL support in version 7.48.

  1. In the File menu, click Select Server…
  2. In the Connect -> Servers section of the mIRC Options window, select the correct server inside the Freenode folder, then click Edit
  3. In the Login Method dropdown, select SASL (/CAP)
  4. In the second Password box at the bottom of the window, enter your NickServ username, then a colon, then your NickServ password. For example, username:5up3r53cr37P455w0rd
  5. Click the OK button