This website documents services, custom commands, and other utilities available on the Buddy.IM IRC network.

Getting Started

Before you connect to the network please read our Terms of Service.

Connecting to IRC

To connect to Buddy.IM you will need to download an IRC client.
The connection details are:
Server: irc.Buddy.IM
Port: 6697 / SSL: Yes

If you are having trouble connecting to IRC you can use our web client here.


Tor Webchat:

Webchat is available at the following addresses over HTTPS only:

Tor IRC:

IRC connections with Tor are permitted with SASL authentication at the following addresses & ports:

Registering your nickname

To register your nickname on IRC use the REGISTER command. You can see more here.


Getting a list of channels

Most clients provide a graphical interface for LIST but to get a list of channels you can type /LIST.

Joining a channel

To join a channel just find the channel that you want to join, in our example we will join #Lobby, and use the JOIN command like so: /JOIN #Lobby.